▶️ It only takes about 5 minutes to get up and running with ArchiveBox.

ArchiveBox officially supports macOS, Ubuntu/Debian, and BSD, but likely runs on many other systems. You can run it on any system that supports Docker and/or Python. Windows is not officially supported but user have reported success getting it running using Docker, Docker in WSL2, bare WSL/WS2, or batch/powershell (advanced users only).

For more detailed Docker and Docker Compose-specific instructions, see the [[Docker]] page.

1. Set up ArchiveBox

Follow the README Instructions for your platform to get archivebox set up.

2. Get your list of URLs to archive

Follow the links here to find instructions for exporting a list of URLs from each service.

(If any of these links are broken, please submit an issue and I’ll fix it)

3. Add your URLs to the archive

Pass in URLs directly, import a list of links from a file, or import from a feed URL. All via stdin:

archivebox add < your_urls.txt

# or if using docker
docker run -v $PWD:/data -it archivebox/archivebox add < your_urls.txt

# or if using docker-compose
docker-compose run archivebox add < your_urls.txt

# any text containing URLs can ingested via stdin or as args
curl https://getpocket.com/users/YOURUSERNAME/feed/all | archivebox add
archivebox add 'https://example.com'

✅ Done!

Open ./archive to view your archive data in the filesystem.

You can also use the interactive Web UI to view/manage/add links to your archive:

# with docker:
docker run -v $PWD:/data -it -p 8000:8000 archivebox/archivebox
# or without docker:
archivebox server


Next Steps:

archivebox help   # see info about all the available commands
  • Read [[Usage]] to learn about the various CLI and web UI functions

  • Read [[Configuration]] to learn about the various archive method options

  • Read [[Scheduled Archiving]] to learn how to set up automatic daily archiving

  • Read [[Publishing Your Archive]] if you want to host your archive for others to access online

  • Read [[Troubleshooting]] if you encounter any problems