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__package__ = 'archivebox.extractors'

from pathlib import Path
from typing import Optional

from ..index.schema import Link, ArchiveResult, ArchiveOutput, ArchiveError
from ..system import run, chmod_file
from ..util import (
from ..config import (
from ..logging_util import TimedProgress

[docs] @enforce_types def should_save_media(link: Link, out_dir: Optional[Path]=None, overwrite: Optional[bool]=False) -> bool: if is_static_file(link.url): return False out_dir = out_dir or Path(link.link_dir) if not overwrite and (out_dir / 'media').exists(): return False return SAVE_MEDIA
[docs] @enforce_types def save_media(link: Link, out_dir: Optional[Path]=None, timeout: int=MEDIA_TIMEOUT) -> ArchiveResult: """Download playlists or individual video, audio, and subtitles using youtube-dl or yt-dlp""" out_dir = out_dir or Path(link.link_dir) output: ArchiveOutput = 'media' output_path = out_dir / output output_path.mkdir(exist_ok=True) cmd = [ YOUTUBEDL_BINARY, *YOUTUBEDL_ARGS, *([] if CHECK_SSL_VALIDITY else ['--no-check-certificate']), # TODO: add --cookies-from-browser={CHROME_USER_DATA_DIR} link.url, ] status = 'succeeded' timer = TimedProgress(timeout, prefix=' ') try: result = run(cmd, cwd=str(output_path), timeout=timeout + 1) chmod_file(output, cwd=str(out_dir)) if result.returncode: if (b'ERROR: Unsupported URL' in result.stderr or b'HTTP Error 404' in result.stderr or b'HTTP Error 403' in result.stderr or b'URL could be a direct video link' in result.stderr or b'Unable to extract container ID' in result.stderr): # These happen too frequently on non-media pages to warrant printing to console pass else: hints = ( 'Got youtube-dl (or yt-dlp) response code: {}.'.format(result.returncode), *result.stderr.decode().split('\n'), ) raise ArchiveError('Failed to save media', hints) except Exception as err: status = 'failed' output = err finally: timer.end() # add video description and subtitles to full-text index # Let's try a few different index_texts = [ # errors: # * 'strict' to raise a ValueError exception if there is an # encoding error. The default value of None has the same effect. # * 'ignore' ignores errors. Note that ignoring encoding errors # can lead to data loss. # * 'xmlcharrefreplace' is only supported when writing to a # file. Characters not supported by the encoding are replaced with # the appropriate XML character reference &#nnn;. # There are a few more options described in text_file.read_text(encoding='utf-8', errors='xmlcharrefreplace').strip() for text_file in ( *output_path.glob('*.description'), *output_path.glob('*.srt'), *output_path.glob('*.vtt'), *output_path.glob('*.lrc'), *output_path.glob('*.lrc'), ) ] return ArchiveResult( cmd=cmd, pwd=str(out_dir), cmd_version=YOUTUBEDL_VERSION, output=output, status=status, index_texts=index_texts, **timer.stats, )