Source code for archivebox.extractors.pdf

__package__ = 'archivebox.extractors'

from pathlib import Path
from typing import Optional

from ..index.schema import Link, ArchiveResult, ArchiveOutput, ArchiveError
from ..system import run, chmod_file
from ..util import (
from ..config import (
from ..logging_util import TimedProgress

[docs]@enforce_types def should_save_pdf(link: Link, out_dir: Optional[Path]=None, overwrite: Optional[bool]=False) -> bool: if is_static_file(link.url): return False out_dir = out_dir or Path(link.link_dir) if not overwrite and (out_dir / 'output.pdf').exists(): return False return SAVE_PDF
[docs]@enforce_types def save_pdf(link: Link, out_dir: Optional[Path]=None, timeout: int=TIMEOUT) -> ArchiveResult: """print PDF of site to file using chrome --headless""" out_dir = out_dir or Path(link.link_dir) output: ArchiveOutput = 'output.pdf' cmd = [ *chrome_args(TIMEOUT=timeout), '--print-to-pdf', link.url, ] status = 'succeeded' timer = TimedProgress(timeout, prefix=' ') try: result = run(cmd, cwd=str(out_dir), timeout=timeout) if result.returncode: hints = (result.stderr or result.stdout).decode() raise ArchiveError('Failed to save PDF', hints) chmod_file('output.pdf', cwd=str(out_dir)) except Exception as err: status = 'failed' output = err finally: timer.end() return ArchiveResult( cmd=cmd, pwd=str(out_dir), cmd_version=CHROME_VERSION, output=output, status=status, **timer.stats, )