Source code for archivebox.cli

__package__ = 'archivebox.cli'
__command__ = 'archivebox'

import os
import sys
import argparse

from typing import Optional, Dict, List, IO, Union
from pathlib import Path

from ..config import OUTPUT_DIR, check_data_folder, check_migrations

from importlib import import_module

CLI_DIR = Path(__file__).resolve().parent

# these common commands will appear sorted before any others for ease-of-use
meta_cmds = ('help', 'version')                               # dont require valid data folder at all
main_cmds = ('init', 'config', 'setup')                       # dont require existing db present
archive_cmds = ('add', 'remove', 'update', 'list', 'status')  # require existing db present
fake_db = ("oneshot",)                                        # use fake in-memory db

display_first = (*meta_cmds, *main_cmds, *archive_cmds)

# every imported command module must have these properties in order to be valid
required_attrs = ('__package__', '__command__', 'main')

# basic checks to make sure imported files are valid subcommands
is_cli_module = lambda fname: fname.startswith('archivebox_') and fname.endswith('.py')
is_valid_cli_module = lambda module, subcommand: (
    all(hasattr(module, attr) for attr in required_attrs)
    and module.__command__.split(' ')[-1] == subcommand

[docs]def list_subcommands() -> Dict[str, str]: """find and import all valid archivebox_<subcommand>.py files in CLI_DIR""" COMMANDS = [] for filename in os.listdir(CLI_DIR): if is_cli_module(filename): subcommand = filename.replace('archivebox_', '').replace('.py', '') module = import_module('.archivebox_{}'.format(subcommand), __package__) assert is_valid_cli_module(module, subcommand) COMMANDS.append((subcommand, module.main.__doc__)) globals()[subcommand] = module.main display_order = lambda cmd: ( display_first.index(cmd[0]) if cmd[0] in display_first else 100 + len(cmd[0]) ) return dict(sorted(COMMANDS, key=display_order))
[docs]def run_subcommand(subcommand: str, subcommand_args: List[str]=None, stdin: Optional[IO]=None, pwd: Union[Path, str, None]=None) -> None: """Run a given ArchiveBox subcommand with the given list of args""" subcommand_args = subcommand_args or [] if subcommand not in meta_cmds: from ..config import setup_django cmd_requires_db = subcommand in archive_cmds init_pending = '--init' in subcommand_args or '--quick-init' in subcommand_args if cmd_requires_db: check_data_folder(pwd) setup_django(in_memory_db=subcommand in fake_db, check_db=cmd_requires_db and not init_pending) if cmd_requires_db: check_migrations() module = import_module('.archivebox_{}'.format(subcommand), __package__) module.main(args=subcommand_args, stdin=stdin, pwd=pwd) # type: ignore
SUBCOMMANDS = list_subcommands() class NotProvided: pass def main(args: Optional[List[str]]=NotProvided, stdin: Optional[IO]=NotProvided, pwd: Optional[str]=None) -> None: args = sys.argv[1:] if args is NotProvided else args stdin = sys.stdin if stdin is NotProvided else stdin subcommands = list_subcommands() parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( prog=__command__, description='ArchiveBox: The self-hosted internet archive', add_help=False, ) group = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group() group.add_argument( '--help', '-h', action='store_true', help=subcommands['help'], ) group.add_argument( '--version', action='store_true', help=subcommands['version'], ) group.add_argument( "subcommand", type=str, help= "The name of the subcommand to run", nargs='?', choices=subcommands.keys(), default=None, ) parser.add_argument( "subcommand_args", help="Arguments for the subcommand", nargs=argparse.REMAINDER, ) command = parser.parse_args(args or ()) if command.version: command.subcommand = 'version' elif or command.subcommand is None: command.subcommand = 'help' if command.subcommand not in ('help', 'version', 'status'): from ..logging_util import log_cli_command log_cli_command( subcommand=command.subcommand, subcommand_args=command.subcommand_args, stdin=stdin, pwd=pwd or OUTPUT_DIR ) run_subcommand( subcommand=command.subcommand, subcommand_args=command.subcommand_args, stdin=stdin, pwd=pwd or OUTPUT_DIR, ) __all__ = ( 'SUBCOMMANDS', 'list_subcommands', 'run_subcommand', *SUBCOMMANDS.keys(), )