Source code for archivebox.cli.archivebox_list

#!/usr/bin/env python3

__package__ = 'archivebox.cli'
__command__ = 'archivebox list'

import sys
import argparse

from typing import Optional, List, IO

from ..main import list_all
from ..util import docstring
from ..config import OUTPUT_DIR
from ..index import (
from ..logging_util import SmartFormatter, reject_stdin, stderr

[docs]@docstring(list_all.__doc__) def main(args: Optional[List[str]]=None, stdin: Optional[IO]=None, pwd: Optional[str]=None) -> None: parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( prog=__command__, description=list_all.__doc__, add_help=True, formatter_class=SmartFormatter, ) group = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group() group.add_argument( '--csv', #'-c', type=str, help="Print the output in CSV format with the given columns, e.g.: timestamp,url,extension", default=None, ) group.add_argument( '--json', #'-j', action='store_true', help="Print the output in JSON format with all columns included", ) group.add_argument( '--html', action='store_true', help="Print the output in HTML format" ) parser.add_argument( '--with-headers', action='store_true', help='Include the headers in the output document' ) parser.add_argument( '--sort', #'-s', type=str, help="List the links sorted using the given key, e.g. timestamp or updated", default=None, ) parser.add_argument( '--before', #'-b', type=float, help="List only links bookmarked before (less than) the given timestamp", default=None, ) parser.add_argument( '--after', #'-a', type=float, help="List only links bookmarked after (greater than or equal to) the given timestamp", default=None, ) parser.add_argument( '--status', type=str, choices=('indexed', 'archived', 'unarchived', 'present', 'valid', 'invalid', 'duplicate', 'orphaned', 'corrupted', 'unrecognized'), default='indexed', help=( 'List only links or data directories that have the given status\n' f' indexed {get_indexed_folders.__doc__} (the default)\n' f' archived {get_archived_folders.__doc__}\n' f' unarchived {get_unarchived_folders.__doc__}\n' '\n' f' present {get_present_folders.__doc__}\n' f' valid {get_valid_folders.__doc__}\n' f' invalid {get_invalid_folders.__doc__}\n' '\n' f' duplicate {get_duplicate_folders.__doc__}\n' f' orphaned {get_orphaned_folders.__doc__}\n' f' corrupted {get_corrupted_folders.__doc__}\n' f' unrecognized {get_unrecognized_folders.__doc__}\n' ) ) parser.add_argument( '--filter-type', '-t', type=str, choices=(*LINK_FILTERS.keys(), 'search'), default='exact', help='Type of pattern matching to use when filtering URLs', ) parser.add_argument( 'filter_patterns', nargs='*', type=str, default=None, help='List only URLs matching these filter patterns' ) command = parser.parse_args(args or ()) reject_stdin(stdin) if command.with_headers and not (command.json or command.html or command.csv): stderr( '[X] --with-headers can only be used with --json, --html or --csv options\n', color='red', ) raise SystemExit(2) matching_folders = list_all( filter_patterns=command.filter_patterns, filter_type=command.filter_type, status=command.status, after=command.after, before=command.before, sort=command.sort, csv=command.csv, json=command.json, html=command.html, with_headers=command.with_headers, out_dir=pwd or OUTPUT_DIR, ) raise SystemExit(not matching_folders)
if __name__ == '__main__': main(args=sys.argv[1:], stdin=sys.stdin)